Author Topic: Pokemon Exotic , great idea but still very incomplete  (Read 51 times)


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Pokemon Exotic , great idea but still very incomplete
« on: December 30, 2017, 12:45:57 am »
Hi ,how player i have some complains/recommendations for this game

First : I dont know if you still not complete to make/put all the sprites in game why add more "SPECIALS" Galactic looks amazing but will be better if you firstly add the sprites missing how its posibble find a simple and common Giratina without sprite .________.

Second : The black color in the yards is very irritating , cant have fun searching in a black hole walking without destiny , am i looking in the space ?

Third : When you try to look in the pokedex , the evolve poke are all unbalanced (placed very on the right)

Fourth : the poke evolved still have the name of pre-evolution

Fifth : Names of pokes in the profile looks incomplete

sixth : update more often the pokes in store , always are the same

seventh : Explain more about rate of pokes in yards , how its possible find easy pokes in maps and in yards are very hard to find one .-.

Sorry about my poor english , hope take all those recommendations to be better the game

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I will fix all your things in next 3 days. thanks for your ideas and suggestions!!!