Author Topic: Okay so I made an account on Pokemon Exotic. What now?  (Read 128 times)


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Okay so I made an account on Pokemon Exotic. What now?
« on: December 19, 2017, 10:22:41 am »
Do not worry.. The game is fun, easy and has a lots of stuff to do,...
Let us breakdown on what you want to achieve ingame...
~Pokemon collection
~lots of friends

-Pokemoney is an important aspect in playing this game..
-Pokemoney is required in almost every part of the game..
-It can be easy as well as hard to earn cash according to which path you've chosen..
-To earn money, you can :-
   ~Battle trainers : Some specific trainers give max 15000 per battle. There are many trainers available, from the first 5 generations atm.
   ~Catch Special pokemon : There are special pokemons which you can encounter in the maps or yards.
They include:- Shiny, Shadow, Golden, Rainbow, Crystal...
Selling these pokemons can fetch you a lot of cash. [Tip: being premium member can increase your chances of getting special pokemons.. You become premium if you donate real money for game]
   ~Make a yard : Yards are special maps each owned by the player him/her self... He/she can put whatever pokemon they need to duplicate inside the yard. After releasing around 150-200 of the same pokemon, the person and their friends can catch that pokemon from the yard more often. Upon attaining perfect rates (releasing more Pokemon, around 800+ of them) , getting their special variants becomes a lot easier and you could sell the specials. Also the person can choose to sell their yards access in exchange for money. All you have to do is create a fair, realistic deal. And then send the other person a friends request,... They would then be able to use your yard to catch specials.
   -Train for others : Training is same like battling trainers.. This time to train the pokemons... Pokemons can be trained upto level 1000 in Pokemon Exotic... Which is a standout feature of this game.. You can train others pokemons in exchange for money.
   -Trading : Show off your business skills! Take on the market!! Rule the game!!! You can buy stuff for cheaper price and sell them for more price to earn profits on your pokemon.. Keeping an open eye and being active is the only key to succeed using this way... You should also know some bargaining techniques to gain an upperhand on the other party.. :p
   -Donate : The easiest and the fastest way according to me... You can donate real money in order to sell donations to your friends ingame.. You could charge them a lots of money... And most of them would be even ready to pay.. :P

-You can start your collection to show your dominance ingame.. >;3...
-For example you can collect gplden pokemons like me.. Or rainbow pokemons or any other...
-Collecting is a bit difficult and you may require to buy the pokemons from others. But it is challenging and fun.
-You could even collect sets of all pokemons.. Like if you want charmander set then you would collect all specials of charmander... Warning! People would be jealous tho

This one is pretty easy and fun :D.
-If you wanna make new friends just be active on chat room... Many new people are waiting to be your friends... Pokemon Exotic is not a game... We are a family... A very big one ;3
-Also try to be on forums, launch little events, play games, take part in raffles and see how popular you become in a short span.
-Do fair trades, be fair to all the people ingame.. You would eventually end up being liked by all :D

Hope this helps your gaming experience and gives you a good idea of what is next ;)
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