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« on: January 05, 2018, 09:43:05 am »
Not even the wisest of them all can resist death, it comes to us eventually, be it a quick one or after hours of torturing.
Errrm, leave the dark stuff, let's get to the point....

Welcome to The Clan Page of G3N0CIDE!

G3N0CIDE is a new clan, looking for players who are willing to work hard for the clan, and for the progress of the game. We only want you to help your clanmates, support your clanmates and even understand your clanmates.

It's all I Ask! :)

If you need further motivation (I hope you don't) just click here!

Want to get in? Just Ping GL1TCH3D on the chatroom. He's always present, and make sure to say it all in one sentence otherwise they're chance of me not receiving the message.

Just Say, I <> want to Join G3N0CIDE.
Simple? ;)

Now get started on the pinging! :)

Current members:

<~ Mustasherlock
<~ Thelegendyuvraj
<~ Joepie

Hope you enjoy!

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